The Zahra Centre


The Zahra Centre is a little over a 100 years old small family farm house, built in a region formerly known as the Silver Mountains in the South West of Czech Republic in central Europe. I was lead to this property after a long and arduous search through a series of synchronistic circumstances, and I consider this journey home to be a crucial part of my Soul’s evolution.

The work didn’t end with the search. Nor did the Soul teachings. I’ve been working on the reconstruction predominantly by myself, and mind you, I’m no heavy-weight. This did, however, true wonders for developing my inner masculine.

There’s a lovely wild-styled garden with a plum orchard, grown trees around embracing it, and a deep well with clean water. There’s only woods and meadows on one side, and just three inhabited houses with the sweetest neighbors a little bit further down on the other side, so my need for privacy is covered.

The house currently offers enough space for one in the winter and two or three people over the summer months. There is the possibility of living in two or three other rooms that need some extended reconstruction. I’m hoping to possibly achieve this with the help of some crowd-funding.Guest room Zahra Centre

In addition, there is a beautiful barn that I can already see as a future workshop space.

Needless to say that despite all the challenges that come with old houses and a cross country move, I felt immediately at home here, despite never being here before, and the place just kept growing on me. I feel a connection, respect, and great gratitude to the people that lived here before me, especially the last inhabitant – missis Zahradka who died at the age of 96. Our Moons nodes are squaring so I basically just picked up where she left off.

I attempt to renovate all of the furniture, some of which dates as far back as early 20ieth century.

The space has a very special energy vibration, but about that some other time, best if you follow me here to hear more about it as I go.

zahra centre