What’s in a name?

So what is it with the name, you might ask. There is this asteroid named Anna – 265 (asteroids are numbered), which happens to be natally on my Midheaven, which is the point in a birth chart which denotes our social role or position. 2, 6, 5 are priestess numbers. 2 is The High Priestess in tarot, and represents duality. 5 and 6 are both Venus numbers. 5 for chaos and creativity, and 6 for order and service. My Midheaven points toward the Big Truth aka God, it lies at the very beginning of the sign Pisces, guarded by Anna on the piscean side, and Vesta – another famous priestess asteroid, on the Aquarian side. I don’t think these two would let me squirm away from my mission here…

When Anna was transiting over my ascendant, long before I knew of the existence of this asteroid or astrology in general for that matter, I took Anna as my official middle name. My life changed big time around that time. Several years later, when Anna made a favorable angle to my Moon which just got hit by a Pluto transit, a clear call came to distill my name to reflect my essence, to shorten it, and to chop of all the arbitrary bits, and so from Romana Anna Bicanova – a deeply customized strong name with plenty of meaning and personality, I became Anna Nova – an even stronger name, sorely plain and common in my native land, with no ego-centric personality whatsoever. It’s carried by many women which gives it a potency and universality. What it ultimately means is a carrier of the new divine feminine essence. Needless to say, my life changed huge time. But this time, it won’t be about me anymore. It is about my Soul.

Somewhere between the first name change and the second, I was inspired to set up a blog and a page named Goddess In Anna. Yes, it is a play on Goddess Inanna, because that’s how the big G first came to me (more about that some other time), but it will be primarily about the goddess in me, my human me, which I trust will make it for a silly and entertaining reading.
I used to complain and pity myself, that I receive no spiritual guidance, that I have never been acquainted to any spiritual belief system to fall back on, and that when the Divine calls (forces) me to do something particular, it does never inform me, what is it good for or what shall I do with it (like when she pulled me out of bed at 5 am on a saturday morning to channel my past lives all day long..) But yesterday, when I was officially launching the facebook page, I’ve realized that it guided me more than enough (and probably more than I realize yet). As I was looking at the page where one gets to invite friends to “like” it, and contemplating whether I shall push the button (basically talking myself out of it under the weight of all the imaginary consequences it would have on my comfortably small life), suddenly I watched my finger in horror as it moved towards the cursor and “Oh, nooooo!” invited the first friend, and accompanied by the frantic beating of my heart continued until there were no people to invite left.

This morning, early when I woke up, images from the unconscious begun flooding my mind, and I’m being once again dragged out of bed to write this. This time I know better than to resist. She’s stronger than me. Or my little me to be more precise. And so I realized, that it is futile to complain about Her wonky sporadic guidance. She is actually leading me by the hand this whole time!

Now, can I go back to bed? Please?

Funky guidance style

Archaic and archetypal. And at that time it really dawned upon me. The responsibility for what comes through really isn’t mine. I cannot even decide what and how it is going to come through. I am a conduit for divine service and my job, is to literally get out of the way.

Then of course there is the historical scholarly story about the origin of the name Anna, which has to do with Jesus’s grandmother and the Hebrew word hannah meaning divine grace. The story goes that her parents were waiting and praying long to be blessed with an air, so when Anna was born, they wanted to give her a name that will reflect the desire with which she was expected and longed for, and the gratitude to the one who gives life. It was also assumed that when god graces them with such long expected gift of a daughter, he will also look after her and protect her throughout life.

I admit, that sounded a little alibistic to me when I was younger but now I can confirm, that there is truth to it. God guides us through our trials. Perhaps especially through them.

But Jesus’s grandmother wasn’t actually the first Anna. It was just the first famous one. The origin goes much further back in time, perhaps before the establishment of patriarchy where we can find names like Inanna and Menanna or celtic sea goddes Manannan shared a common root in prominent female embodiments of the divine energy. So to me the personal meaning that I relate to is really just the divine essence of feminine energy.

Interestingly Her name is possibly derived from Sumerian (n)in-an-na “lady of the sky”. Which reminds me of the tantric description of a dakini, which is a woman who has opened her heart fully to embody and unite with the divine as “Sky Dancer”. Indeed the experience of a sacred sexual union can bring one into cosmic heights where a sense of universal unity and spiritual revelations are reached and brought to Earth.

And an extra quirk. In japanese the character for apricot is the same as for Anna (resemblance of the labia majora with apricots anyone?), while the ancient Chinese shamanic great goddess Xi Wangmu grows peaches of immortality as her fruit. I like this Goddess I have to admit as she is told to ride a Phoenix, a crane or a five-colored dragon all of which sound like my favorite rides. Ok, maybe not rides, but I feel close to those three animals.

And so on the day when Full Moon in Cancer, the sign of the divine mother embraced Black Moon Lilith – the wounded and wild feminine, opposed by Pluto the god of the underworld, Venus goddess of love just re-emerging from her journey through the realms of Hades, I was called and my hand was guided to finally launch this page.

Numerologically Anna gives us number 12, and 1+2 is 3. So we have 1,2, and 3 – the basic maths for all creation, where the next step – 4, establishes a solid structure and gives rise to form, but before that, we have the pure creative power, the impulse and desire for dynamic interplay of energies. The relationship of a push and pull. Dualism and unity. The desire to create and manifest infinite possibilities of maya, just for the fun of it. One is the impulse to project oneself outward. With Two we have duality. By Three we have the blueprint of creation symbolized by the triple goddess of growth, maintenance and destruction. In 4 all that is solidified into form. That’s where all the action in the theatre of life takes place. Where the feminine can truly show it’s power and glory. But Anna rather holds the subtle essence. The higher vibration of divine feminine grace.

By adding the surname Nova meaning new, we get the essence and the desire to manifest new ways and new forms for the feminine.

265 gives us 13 which is the Goddess and also Witch Number.

The new name helps me to relate to myself in a more impersonal manner. It has loosened the chains of self-reflection for me, and that was an important step, because the messages I’m here to share, don’t come from my personal self, but rather through me directly from Source. In this case, the effect they may have on my personal self is irrelevant.

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