Beware! You must consume social media consciously.

There is so much talk about conscious consumerism, but do we apply it when it comes to social media? Everybody can complain about what they don’t like to see on their feed, but do we really put our money where our mouths are?
I for one am really grateful for these platforms. It suits my agenda – it allows everybody to express themselves and reach a wider audience. EVERYBODY. My belief is such, that when more people get creative and show what’s really in them, the world will become a much more varied place, people will lose the artificial ideas of what is ‘normal’, and thus become more tolerant and even appreciative of individual differences, which in turn will allow more people to express themselves. A world where this is the case would be very different to what we know now. War for instance, wouldn’t be quite possible in such an environment.
This is what I use social media for. Recently I begun choosing more consciously of where I put my ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘shares’. I ask myself ‘what/who do I want to support?’ the answer: creative self-expression of individuals with a bigger vision. So, I don’t ‘like’ so much of the posts by big pages – they don’t need it anymore, and take up feed space away from people with small pages who would deserve some boost. I’m done with liking selfies, because I for instance write these posts in sweat and blood and can be glad when I get a handful of likes, then I get 80 likes on a picture of me, which is only good to flatter my ego, which is basically no good at all. I write because I want to reach people! I would appreciate if people appreciate and support my work by their likes, rather than clicking on a pleasing image.
In brief, I want to support the work and ideas of individuals rather than generic posts and reposting of news narrated by some big news company. If we all approach fb consciously, the feed will change, but no sooner than that. It is the people who create the structure of the feed, and if on one hand you bitch about it and on the other click on every cat video that has already a hundred thousand likes, while you can’t take a sec and like a video or poem by your friend, then you’re probably not aware of the power that lies dormant in this medium while the people use it unconsciously. It’s people who decide what gets seen. It might look that it’s fb with it’s algorithms, but the actual power lies with the people….unrealized.
Consciousness, my friends, is something that can sneak up on you only when there is a gap in your habitual patterns and thinking. So mind the gap!

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