We live in an ideal world, we just don’t know it yet!

We would’t have any problems to begin with if we just knew how to let ourselves be guided by our pleasure!

Most problems stem, by and large, from our learned habits of fitting ourselves and our behavior into a societally preferable mold.
And instead of slowing down and begining to listen to the inner voice again, we go and listen to a therapist to get yet even more ideas from someone else that we should live up to. Goddammit.

Stop everything you’re doing, forget what you’ve learned and watch this space.
I’m going to put an end to this.
The weaker of character may shit their pants along the way but that’s also okay.

Just remember one thing, don’t listen to anyone, not even myself. There is a way more important voice that gets way too often drowned by all that noise. THAT voice, is the answer to all your ailments. All.of.them.

new paradigm, authenticity

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