We are here to experience infinite potential

We are here to experience infinite potential
“This planet really needs your distinct tone in order to harmonize.” Sera Beak

I don’t want to live under the pressure that this world is broken and in acute need of fixing. I want to live in the awareness that everything is unfolding and evolving exactly as it should be.
I’ve been noticing that friends and complete strangers are inspired to write about the same topics at the same times. Their dreams take place in the same localities. And so I cannot ignore the connection and the fact, that I am not here to do it all alone. We are all doing it. All of us. And there is an invisible intelligence at work that orchestrates it all.
So you don’t need to have a plan. You don’t have to have it all figured out. You only need to do what you feel inspired to do, knowing that others are doing the same, powered by the same source, which knows what it is doing.
The value of what you say doesn’t lie so much in the information you bring to the world. The value is in the unique way you do it, because you are a unique part of a whole which is conspiring towards the same goal.
As for the goal, there is no way of knowing what it might be. The value lies in the opportunity it gives us to express our individuality and collaborate, so that we can realize how we are all connected, and that we are all one.

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