The Thing About Osho

Osho was in the ‘guru stage’ of spiritual evolution, no doubt about it. Yet there is a substage in that state, which has several more different substages, where every guru becomes identified with his spiritualized ego, which inevitably leads to a tragic downfall and a subsequent humbling of the ego. This stage cannot be avoided, in fact it’s an essential step, and it is advisable to move through it as fast as possible.
When I look for instance Mooji in the eyes, I see God. I feel God. It’s an instant transmission – I know I am God. And so is everything. And yet even Mooji has his ‘human moments’. There are times when every guru becomes inpatient, when he doesn’t understand how come nobody understands…
Osho says all the right things, wise things, original things, but when I look at him, I feel nothing. I see a guru trapped in the illusion of his own grandeur. And still, some great things came out of his work. One of his apprentices – Diana Richardson, I have the most respect for…if not innate resonance.
Even I say the right things sometimes, and yet, when I’m not feeling it, there’s nothing to transmit. Nobody will feel anything. When I feel it, the words don’t matter. And yet, when a person is ready to learn, they will find teaching in any words. When they’re not open, nothing will reach them.
So this is the thing about gurus – they are people too. The guru you follow is a mirror of your own shadow. Keep following and the love you have for them will teach you something about it. When you start moving beyond the smoke and mirrors game, no guru will be needed.

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