You know that voice that says you have no idea what you’re doing, that drives you to seek outside for confirmation? Everybody has that voice. What if instead of listening to it, you allowed yourself to take risks? What if you allowed yourself to play with it and explore what’s it like to be you, when you don’t have any plan?
What if you let the Unknown come to you? What if you came to know yourself as the Unknown?
I invite you to let the Unknown embrace you, to discover that who you think you are, has everything to do with what you think, and that the real you is much larger than that. So large in fact, that you can’t even think of where it’s limits are.
Rest in The Great Unknown, in the space of knowing everything and understanding nothing.
Rest in the knowing of yourself as Limitless Universal Infinite Potential. Rest in your human Divinity. Let your Spirit hold you. Let it carry you. Know that this is your space to play, to explore all the ways you can be you. No rules, no bounds. Just you as the creator between Nothing and Everything.
the unknown


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