Teaching and power dynamics

Teaching and power dynamicsI’m suspicious about techniques and teachings that don’t go deep enough – all the way to the operating principles behind everything. Because if you show someone a principle, they can take it and apply it freely in their own life, whereas when you teach a technique (that may sometimes work and sometime not as it doesn’t reach the level of universal applicability), you make people dependent on your interpretation which already stands in the way of complete clarity. Not to mention that it complicates things, and complex things call for concepts to keep order in them, and concepts take us further away from our nature. Our nature that is at core the same as the nature of everything i.e.. the universal law or principle. Few people know, outside of mental concepts, that we ourselves are the law.
So, I’m suspicious when ‘teachers’ want to teach me ‘techniques’.
Not that it can’t help, but essentially it creates dependency and power dynamics, and I want to see people stepping into their own power instead.

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