Mini Guidance Sessions

soulcraftThis service is for those who are well on their (destined) path and who are not seeking external guidance as such, but rather the pleasure of direct connection with someone who can see you and remind you: ‘You’re doing well, keep going…’

There are lessons to be mastered on our own, and there are times to allow yourself the luxury of support and communion just for the love of yourSelf.

I have created this service in response to my own need, not having found a model that would serve me best.
Most coaching programs require commitment in the form of regular sessions over an extended and defined period of time, with a desired goal at the end of it all.
For me, this doesn’t work, and frequently I have felt the sting of guilt over my lack of discipline by not being able to fit into these narrow confines defined by somebody else’s standards.
This ain’t no way for us creative geniuses… This ain’t a pavement to walk for those who show the way, where there is no path yet. This ain’t for people who are not afraid to thread into empty space trusting that ground will form before the foot reaches floor.

There was a reason why I couldn’t fit into those outdated definitions of commitment and discipline – it’s because my destiny is to follow only ever my own direction – which is unpredictable, untameable, unplanable, and unrestrictable.
To me, Commitment in the true sense is to the integrity of the Me in the Here and Now, never to any defined goals somewhere on the horizon. My idea of commitment leads right in, deep into who you are.

So… I’m offering these sessions just to check in – with me, with yourself, with the clarity and depth of your Being – on your own terms, you decide the frequency and continuity.

The Mini Session lasts 20-30 minutes and costs 40 EUR
I recommend to gift yourself a series of these sessions with no definite regular structure as an expression and appreciation for the ease and joy that your life may be filled with. Just for the knowing in the back of your head that there’s a ground to fall back on. That there is the ground zero to check in with when your life is being swept in a storm. That you have this solid structure of self-care inbuilt into your open non-structured life.

I recommend a series of these sessions as frequently or as loosely scheduled as feels exactly right for you.

True to the spirit of my ‘minimal guidance style’, I don’t give any advice. I nudge and point and remind and invite but most importantly – I just am who I am. There’s no better way to gain confidence than by remembering ‘Yes, I do indeed know all that I need to know. I do have it in me.’ Anyone giving you the answers can only stand in the way of that. I want you to know, that You are the answer!

I’ll share the humbling words of my friend – an incredible artist who has inspired and encouraged me to offer my talents to others as well:

I see you as a voice that comes in and only needs to whisper into my weary self and you send me back on track. I am sharing a song and video that shows this. I am the cloaked traveler, and you are the reassuring voice.”

I’d like to be that voice for you too…


To make a booking, please send your place and time of birth (be as exact as possible) using the contact page stating where you are located and which days/times would be suitable for you.
You can also include topics that are present in your life which you’d like to look at.

Payment can be made via Paypal using a debit or credit card


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