Ask a question

Is there a question returning to your mind that you don’t seem to find resolution for? Send it to me along with your time and place of birth (be as exact as possible)!

This is no fortune telling. The intention is to point you back to your own wisdom. I provide space and insight, based on an intuitive sensing of your natal chart so that your answer and deeper understanding may arrive from within.

After making a payment, you will receive a write up in the length of one paragraph for up to one page that specifically deals with the topic of your choosing based on your natal chart and current transits in the sky. I might also use other tools for reference such as tarot. Alternatively, my response might be recorded as an audio or video and sent to you via email.

This reading isn’t about the amount of information provided but rather about the underlying message that must be intuited via one’s own faculties. This is a profoundly concentrated subliminal oracular transmission.

Give yourself a piece of clarity and trust, and move forward in life with ease and grace.

Along with your birth data, please provide whatever else you feel is relevant in as much detail as you’re comfortable with.

Cost: 15 EUR