Soulcraft Sessions

You have a vision that’s reaching far beyond your personal life. This vision is a blueprint of your Soul that you can sense deep within your own being. Nobody else has the key to this map, but you know it’s there. Unlocking it, is a not a question of ‘if’, it’s a necessity, and you know it’s just a matter of time when you give birth to yourself and manifest your Soul’s work on Earth.
You are a pioneer. What you’ve come here to create, has never been done before. You follow nothing but the thread of truth in your DNA. Authenticity is your religion. You know you are powerful. You know you are not broken. You know that you are important. You are brave. You’ve been made strong.

And yet…

It seems that there are unsurmountable obstacles still. It seems that you are all alone. It seems that you could use just a little bit of support that is nowhere to be found. I’ve been there…for a long time. Long enough to try out everything that doesn’t work… and to find my way out (or rather in).

You are unique and special, and you are not interested in a normal life. You know your life was meant to be extraordinary. Nothing less will do. I want to tease out the genius in you to emerge and take the steering wheel.

I am not here to help you, for you don’t need help. You need your Self. That’s all you need. I’ll show you mine for you to remember yours. 
It’s one thing to sense it, and another to bring it to the forefront of your life and learn to have faith in it. That’s what I’m dedicated to. That’s the talk I walk. I want you to walk it too.

I’m interested in what we can create together. I want a world filled with authenticity, with people who are connected to their Souls. A world where individuality and uniqueness are celebrated, where differences are accepted and respected. I want a colorful world. A free world. One where the primary importance is placed upon the truth within and from thence stemming awareness of our interconnectedness with all that is. A world, where everyone has their place, just as they are. A place we can all call home, just as it was intended.

So, we won’t use any techniques unless they emerge naturally from within in the moment, there will be no homework, no practices and nothing to learn. Just me coming with the purity of my desire to serve my mission. Understanding how life works, is inherent to every plant and animal, only the human has forgotten… We will connect so that you can remember – who You are, what Soul is, what God is, and how these are the only three ingredients that we use to create our experience of life. This understanding does naturally lead to more authenticity, which is simply living in alignment with ones Soul. In other words, you will be more You. No doing, just finally understanding Being. No effort, no goal-setting, no coaching, no advising. Just rediscovering the way back to your Power of Being. With such grounding, you can just watch your life unfold with ease and in tune with your highest potential.

Healing in the broadest sense of the word happens when we relax, and we relax when we remember that we are already okay. That there is no work to be done, that everything is perfectly alright just as it is in this very moment. But to be in the moment means knowing how to hold space for ones own experience regardless of the nature of the experience. We all know how to do this already, it’s just that we’ve forgotten, or in other words, our minds are so busy and we ourselves so identified with them, that there are few moments far between when we see clearly enough what is important, when solutions and possibilities come to us out of our alignment with all that is. In my experience presence and knowing where to point to is all that is needed for a Soul to remember how to do that for itself.

I’m not your typical self-development coach, I don’t work for women’s empowerment or any of the other currently hip industries, and yet you will leave the session with what is most valuable – remembering your own Sovereign Divinity. I do my best to be nothing and let the divine work through me.

I remember a world of infinite possibilities, to return to that natural balanced state of being, we need to move beyond boxes, structures, stereotypes, archetypes and ideas of what is possible and how things are done. That is what true liberation looks like. Only that way will life be free to unfold through us. Nothing in this world is fixed or permanent. Everything changes constantly. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to set goals, to work on oneself or even trying to find or understand your life purpose – it always changes, always unfolds, attachment to any of these will set you up for lots of hard work and essentially disappointment. Because all of that is you, it is expressing and unfolding through you. And the best part? You are already you. There’s nothing you need to do to be you. You are an ever-changing vortex of a particular pattern. To add more to it would be moving further away from your original divinity.


I’m not in the business of alleviating pain, instead, I will teach you how to stop being afraid to feel.
Because ultimately you want to be attached solely to that which is unchanging – the god within, but to get there/learn that/walk the path while we are in this form, we need others. You can’t see yourself unless you have a mirror. You can’t hold your space and boundaries if you don’t remember/haven’t learned how to do it. You can’t practice connection on a physical level without there being an other. None of us can walk it and learn completely alone. Connection to others is a requirement to connection with oneSelf.

There is only One I’m devoted to, and that One is very close to your soul path. I don’t cater to your precious little ideas of yourself, I don’t entertain any stories, I only want to know what is real right here, right now.

The Soul is a gap between thought and the nothingness everything stems from. Soul is present when we don’t place more importance on one or the other. Consciousness knows that the formless takes form. And that is all.

*I stand with you. Together we rise like one big wave.*

So if you are tired of looking for answers and information and approval, and ready to make your own voice the only one to guide you, I won’t make any promises of happiness, success and what not. No quick fixes nor slow fixes. The Soul has its own timing, our focus will be on aligning with that. Fact is, you will be rejected, you will be disliked, judged, you’ll likely fail, you will experience a spectrum of emotions throughout life, some of which you’ll have a hard time dealing with, I’m asking if you are ready, to make all this not matter above the loyalty to your Soul. I’m asking you to step up and live your life the way it was meant to be lived – for You. No practice, no books, just the Truth of yourSelf.

My role in this is to simply hold space for you, for the real you to unfold so that you will remember how to do that for yourself. In the words of Alison Nappi:

To ‘hold the space’, means to create room for the emergence of something new. It means to hold open, protect and enforce the boundaries around a someone/thing so that what is cramped up, folded inside may unfold, expand, rehydrate, and become part of what was originally present.


Ready to join the ride? Ok, let’s find out what you’re made of!


How do I work?

I am adept at actual physical healing that covers the subtle energetic planes as well.
I have found that all disease originates at the soul level and many of those involved with spiritual guidance and counseling do not address or even understand this aspect of our souls. I have the medicine that works on the energetic level. One of the constant challenging aspects of existing on this plane is care for our physical body. There is no Soulcraft if there is no understanding of how that really works because the Body actually IS the Soul.

Throughout the sessions may merge the extensive modalities I am trained in and made my own. Mostly I work on intuition and insight. It happens that a client might come for homeopathy and leaves with a crystal and an essential oil, or I get an intuition during our interview for an aura-soma bottle and the client leaves with the correlating homeopathic remedy. I may also be called to use your astrological birth-chart or tarot for reference. If I feel inspired to share a particular piece of writing, music or poetry before or after our session I might do so.

My intention is to bring you into the unlimited realm of your Soul, and as such, I don’t want to place any limitations on how we might work together.


Potential benefits of working with me (what I can help you with)

  • overcoming procrastination
  • lack of trust in yourself and guidance
  • lack of clarity
  • lack of direction 
- not knowing what to do

What I can’t help you with

  • maintaining illusions
  • blaming (yourself, other people, circumstances)
  • self-pity
  • mental wallowing in problems

soulcraft, divine guidance, healing

No quick fixes but a lifelong knowing of where to look for guidance.

No guarantee of a happier life but to be on track and empowered to listen to your own inner authority.



Sessions are conducted via Skype or Google Hangout and priced as follows:

Soulcraft mentoring session: 70 EUR

Consultations typically last about one hour

Mini Sessions last 20-30 mins and cost 40 EUR

To make a booking, please send your place and time of birth (be as exact as possible) using the contact page stating where you are located and which days/times would be suitable for you.
Please, also include topics that are present in your life which you’d like to look at. You can share as much detail as you feel like.

Payment can be made via Paypal using a debit or credit card



This girl is absolutely amazing.
Though I am 45 years old and have had many years of reflection and self analysis, Anna helped me through a very difficult and potentially destructive period in my life last summer.
For the best part of two months I was edgy, irritable, carrying a lot of anger in my soul. I had turned selfish and unkind, and I didn’t know why. I knew that that is not me, but I did not know what and why was causing me to be in such sad state of soul..
Talking to her, within 20 minutes she had isolated the very source of my hurt and frustration, and even just by bringing light to it, she eased my existence. It was cathartic to be able to look at my ‘problem’ from all angles, and to pinpoint the source of my pain. She is insightful, but harsh. Weak of character need not, should not apply for her help. In just so many words she brought forth the source, and the options open to remedy my ‘ailment’.
Then she made me cry. She made me howl. And sob. Which I have not done in years, and even way back when, I have done it only on account of one of my animals getting hurt/killed.
She is magic. She is a treasure. She should be handled with care and great appreciation. And with caution.
While doling out her ‘cure’, she might ‘kill you’ in the process.. But if you make it through, it’s life changing.
S., Ireland

I really struggled with my emotions through most of my early adulthood.
Rather than sitting with my emotions, being content with them and dealing with them, I would run from them, using any form of distraction or escapism that I could. This, combined with mild to moderate allergies were proving to have an adverse effect on my quality of life.
I was highly skeptical when Anna suggested that a remedy might help.
Who would have thought that such a small tablet could produce such radical results. It wasn’t easy, but I am now much more comfortable with my emotions and I can be with them like never before. As an added bonus, my allergies have vastly improved.
I am now able to make more wise and productive life choices, free from the constraints of my allergies.
Thank you so much Anna!
Matt, Ireland

So, so, love your energy, your openness, your comprehension of all that most avoid, or cough uncomfortably at .
You so make me smile, and I thank you for that, smile a lot anyway, but this is with a bigger grin.
People so, so, avoid what u bring to the fore, which is sad, as, what u point to is joyous!
Ian, Scotland


Sessions are conducted via Skype or Google Hangout and priced as follows:

Soulcraft mentoring session: 60 EUR

Consultations typically last about one hour

Mini Sessions last 20-30 mins and cost 30 EUR

To make a booking, please send your place and time of birth (be as exact as possible) using the contact page stating where you are located and which days/times would be suitable for you.
Please, also include topics that are present in your life which you’d like to look at. You can share as much detail as you feel like.

Payment can be made via Paypal using a debit or credit card

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