sacred soul8body transmissionSACRED SOUL*BODY TRANSMISSION

Coming home

This is an offering stemming from the depths of my being. We’ll come together to create a physical container for the sacred to touch down and let itself be known through and as our bodies.

We’ll prepare a space for the meeting with our individual souls. From the viewpoint of the soul, the bodily and material realm is the highest form of spirit’s expression. The soul wants to set up home here, and so we’ll begin by making ourselves really comfortable, however, that might look for you. There may be nudity. There might be touch. There might be movement and sound. There might be catharsis. Anything and everything may happen, everything is welcome. There are no limits or judgments.
There will be no doing. The invitation is to relax ever more deeply into, and through, the layers of our being, till we’re held in the center of that which is eternal.
This isn’t any other-worldly experience that you can’t take anything home from, this is about moving into the world, into the reality as it is found in this very moment, right here, with your whole being. This isn’t about an experience that you will have, this is you being the experience. You are the gift for, and from the world.
This is going beyond the concept of wholeness. There is no linear long journey necessary. If you dive straight in, you’ll find yourself whole, right where you are.

At no point, there will be any imperative to follow any guidance. Everything is an open invitation to bring all of you, however, that may look. We are shifting the world on its axis by unlearning everything and remaining fully authentic, as we are, in our bodies, in this very now.

If you fell called, come. Come rest here. Don’t be called by your mind, only if your whole body is leaning forwards wanting to take off/drop/dive in and meet here, only then you will know that this is absolutely right for you. If it is, don’t let anything stop you. You want to become fully you. It’s time.


This transmission is based on my innate knowledge of pre-patriarchal ceremonies that I used to hold as an embodiment of the sacred Oneness, and inspired by my current life existence and need/desire for this work. It’s the best of soulwork as I know it at this time, and the simplest, most authentic and profound way I know to offer it. This isn’t about working on yourself, this is the divine working on and through you. Let it shape you. It might not even hurt.

We’ll begin just by exploring the idea of truth. The intention won’t be to focus on the words that are being spoken, but rather exploring and settling into your own awareness of what truth means to you.
Then we’ll explore the idea of unified energy fields, and we’ll consciously connect with the whole group and attune to its potential of what wants to come through..
Once we’ve done that, we’ll focus on creating safety and relaxation, and only when we settle into that, will we dive deep into ground zero and wait for the divine to co-create with us the transmission that will transform us in whatever ways are needed. From that moment on, truly anything can happen. But the intention will always and ever be the connection with the Self and a relational connection with the world around us.
This is the intention I’m holding for this event, but what it will look like, and how it might come through will be up to the moment.
The structural framework will be one of an improvised ritual where we are the sacrimony, the preacher, and the prayer.

This offering has emerged from the depths of my being, through my journey of surrender into ‘what is’. And ‘what is’, as I have found it, is Love. This is a journey into the heart, beyond any concepts.

There is something that’s nudging upon me. I have to humbly proclaim and make very clear that this is so not about me. I have no information to give you. This is about my ephemeral and eternal existence, and the sharing of it. This is about All That We Are – together. I’m not a facilitator nor a teacher, I’m an open channel, and we are all students of unlearning. The facilitator is the Great Life-force of the Universe Itself, and we are its children, re-claiming our right to be guided by the Oneness though our innocent Self. This is about heart resonance. This is about meeting the God within. This is about Truth. The ten thousand names for truth the nature of which is – always and forever – Love.


There will be a lot of luxury and comforts, little treats and gratification of the senses. A satisfaction of our real bodily needs in the moment instead of the seeking to fulfill constructs of our insatiable greedy minds, which have nothing to do with our real needs.

Everything around your body will be taken care of, so you can truly relax into the here and now.

Note: gender and sexual orientation are non-relevant for this event, and there is an opening for a few men. However, I feel, the group dynamic will work best if it is filled predominantly with women. This is partly due to where I am at, my own history, and partly due to where we find ourselves as a society and our collective journey at this time.
The determinant is – are you being called? Beyond that, you can be an alien for what I care. We have space for all so long as it’s relevant to the shared intention.


I would also like to address the idea of pilgrimage and integration into your life. The transmission begins the moment you set off on this journey, and the journey begins the moment you set the intention to come. The healing potential of a pilgrimage ……. More on that soon…

This is not about hiding yourself off for a few days so that you can do your ‘spiritual work’, this is a journey of deepening into life. Meeting reality in every moment without unnecessary spiritual embellishments and religious props. This is about cutting out bullshit, this is why I won’t give you any framework. Not even the bounds of this workshop are a framework to clutch on. Only yourSelf is the framework, and I’ll leave it up to you to define that.

That is why the getting there and getting back are integral to the experience.

I have intuited this offering, which feels so central to my evolution, or to ‘The Evolution’ if I may say so, for a long time, but it still wasn’t coming together on paper which caused a lot of worry about my lively-hood. When it eventually did come through, I was very excited just to realize that all the while I’ve been unconsciously identifying Divinity with this particular set up, and that was a problem. I saw, how much growing I have yet to do to fit into those shoes. Soon I realized, that this write-up is a recipe, a code, for me, for how I am to live my life, so that when the time comes, I can share this way of being with others just by means of my presence.

Initiation                                                                                                                                zahra centre

All my work boils down to
is holding a space of sacredness
around a slowly opening bud –
To cup my protective palms around it, knowing fully,
that with patience,
it will bloom –
all by itself.

All in good time.

None of what I do
have I learned,
but rather been initiated into.

In the same way, there’s nothing that I teach –
my vibration simply invites

– a poem from my second book of poetry ‘Never-Not-Together’

There will be a 15 min Skype interview with each potential participant to answer any questions and to determine whether this experience is right for you, and you right for the experience

Vision birthed under the New Moon in Leo of 2016

This will be a free dive into a meeting with the Unknown.
The whole second day will be dedicated to grounding the experience, not interfering with the transmutation, letting it settle into our beingness.
On the third day, we will begin the return to our normal awareness while remaining firmly rooted in our center. This is an opportunity for a whole new way of being.

This is bound to be an intense natural trance ride, so if you’re not comfortable with intensity, if you’re not willing to give up control in favor of something greater and largely intangible, you may talk to me about that first. There might be programs better suited to your needs.

[This experience is also known as Shaktipat (intitiation) in the hinduist tradition.]