The liberation we are all seeking, cannot be given to us by anyone else. It starts by liberating our internal images of others (and ourselves), and giving them the freedom to express their point of view. If we stop fighting with our ideas of others that we create by thinking a certain way of them, and instead let them be as they are, our perception of being oppressed by the outside world drops.

There is no such thing as a generalization. Everything expressed by whomever, will always be but a perfect reflection of themselves…and the more they try to detach from it, the more the image gets distorted. Everything we read in the words of another is again but a reflection of ourselves. We are limited by words, if we don’t look beyond them.

When we become triggered by someones ‘generalized’ point of view and react by something like “How dare they say this about all the wo/men, when I am certainly different, which means they’re not right, and I’m being denied being who I am, excluded, not counted with etc.”, it’s just a sign that we are denying them their point of view and in extension denying ourselves ours, because if we were solid enough in knowing who we are, just being simply faced with a different view wouldn’t endanger this knowing, and so we wouldn’t have to react defensively.

Truly, underneath all the conditioning and individual differences, we are all the same and we want the same few basic things. There are no cook-book approaches to anything. We may want the same things despite all the cultural conditioning but there will be individual routes to get there for each, and there will be different routes to get there at different times for the same person. So the only advice that can be general is to listen to ones heart.

Whenever we perceive that we are being oppressed by anything outside of ourselves, it’s just a reflection where we are not accepting ourselves. And when we lash out at someone else, is just a sign that there is a place within us that we are repressing.

The solution is rather simple. When we drop our ideas of who we are or should be, what remains is who we truly are. Which is immense, and contains an infinite range of possible human expression and experience. By not repressing anything and opening ourselves to our true nature, we discover that we have inbuilt resources available to us to deal appropriately with anything in any given moment.
It’s a matter of a slight shift in perspective from attachment to limitation toward opening oneself to possibilities.

Authenticity is the key to our spiritual core and when we unlock the realization of our divine nature as the creators of our experience, there’s nothing left that we could be afraid of. Find your core and remember it when you’re not in it. Mind you, you won’t have anything to hold on to but that’s the source of the fluidity you will need to face any kind of experience. That is the true source of your freedom. The freedom you then grant to others is just a natural consequence of that.

“I looked for sex and after searching everywhere found it was me
I looked for God and after questioning everything found it was me
I looked for love and after feeling everything found it was me
I looked for belonging until I found I could belong only to me
I looked for the “how?” until I got out of the way and remembered me
I looked for acceptance until I opened to ALL parts of me
I looked to the world, the stars, dreams until I found the greatest depths were in me”
– Monique Darling

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