Pleasure is medicine

I have experienced my body as an ocean tidal wave full of colorful objects. I’ve experienced it as the fluid empty space that it really is. See, compression/contraction into matter causes density. The more dense (populated by thought) the mind becomes, the corollary density/tension in the body increases. The tissues harden, muscles tighten, less space for the energy to move, less natural state thus pain is created. Once we relax we can become the ever changing motion of the cosmos again. We are carried and propelled by the rhythm of the natural pulsation when we don’t hold tight, trying to stay stuck in one place.

Pleasure is medicine

We return to the awareness of our original expansiveness for there is no real boundary and very little material substance to us – the air comes constantly in and out through our mouth, our lungs, penetrating every cell of every organ and then just moves out in an infinite cycle. It enters through our skin as we release water and through complex chemical mechanism we are connected to the cycle of all elements of nature. In no way are we separate from our environment. We are but a big space being a part of an even larger space where energy and emotions whirl in unique sound and wave patterns. It is so simple to realize our oneness with everything that is.

The truth is that if you approach the body as a sacred vessel with utmost respect and reverence for everything that’s moving through it, it cannot get sick, because you’re attuned to its needs.

Deep relaxation is the way to the real you.

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