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In our Yang oriented culture, everything is about more, more, more.
We want to achieve more, be the best, have more. We have big business plans, we work on ourselves, and we want to have abundant lives. When it doesn’t work to satisfy, we turn to self-development just to learn more, add some techniques, exercises, therapies, and add to our already busy minds and schedules. Yet what we are truly seeking is still eluding us.

What I would like to offer in my retreat centre is an antidote to this endless hunt. A return to the basics – our naked Soul. The simplicity of our original natural whole state. A space to deeply profoundly relax into our true Self that will allow the unfolding of our life in the most organic and graceful way.
A remembering of the inherent perfection of our Being which is connected to the whole of the Universe. Reconnecting with the immense Infinite Mystery. Realising ourselves as the primordial master magician creators of life. The life our Souls are yearning for us to have.

A place to relax – reconnect – remember. Nothing to do – just be.

The intention is to rest – relax – rest – and then relax some more, till we meet ourSelf at the ground (zero) of (our) being.

Nourishment, sensuality, innocence, simplifying, attention profoundly deepening on what’s essential.


-For those who feel called
-for those who desire to get to know themselves in the most profound and direct way
-for those who wish to let go of the eternal seeker and find themselves in the healed wholeness that is available to us at any moment, if only we are willing to pay attention
-for those who wish to let burn anything that is untrue
-for those who want to emerge into the world in a raw nakedness and let the meeting with life rub them into constant ecstasy
-for those who know they have a lot to give, but who are also aware they need to fill their cup first
-for those who don’t run from self-knowledge
-for those who know that this isn’t about themselves
-for those who are ready to serve God
-for those who want to allow Life itself to create a world through them – artists, writers, healers, oracles, mavericks, alchemists, lovers…
-this is for those who want to meet reality deeply and directly
-people who want to be active participants in the creation of a new world


-those who are looking for a recreational space just to lounge without contributing anything in return
-those seeking recreation while planning to return to life as usual (You may not. In fact you may need to leave everything behind and step up into a whole different game altogether.)
-those who don’t desire to create anything for the good of others/greater good
-those who seek to be healed for themselves only
-those who expect someone will do their work for them
-who expect they will lean on others for primary support instead of themselves
-who are looking just for fun
-not for those who wish to continue living in their story
-who are comfortable hiding their true Self
-who are not being burned and tortured from within every moment that they don’t show up fully, painfully aware of every little lie they tell in favour of the status quo

This is a profound healing space based and set on ancient sacred temple principles adjusted to the needs of the age we are coming into. This is a place for leaders/midwives/magicians of the new paradigm to come and connect deeply with the essence of their vision/mission. This is for those who carry deep memories and maps of the natural order. This is a place of awakening primordial knowledge. This is a place of wisdom and love. This is a place dedicated to Truth. This is a place where Beauty dwells.

Not everybody may enter. Few may return the same.

Go all the way or don’t go at all.

You will meet The Sacred face to face. If you’re just a dabbler you won’t withstand this meeting.
Fear is not an obstacle but your conviction must be total.
Don’t think about it, and when you hear a clear YES – come.
I’ll be here.


Nothing and everything. The program/schedule will be entirely guided by your Soul, and I will be the guide that points to your Soul.
Throw your expectations out of the window. The program will be created from moment to moment as it emerges from within inspired by our beautiful co-presence.

The possibilities are infinite and the conditions are all down to individual arrangement.

Example day – may look like this:
Everything spontaneous according to one’s heart desires – massages, energy work…

There might be movement, touch, healing, learning, un-learning, dancing, voice, sound, talk, listening, grass rolling, fire gazing, wood chopping, water carrying, forest lovemaking, or something else completely… But one thing is for certain – it will be exactly what is needed for you at this time, because the plan will be following your needs and your desires and supporting you to act on them.

There might be a spa day, food indulging, sensual stuff enjoying, scents, oil anointing reawakening our sensitivity and intuition – our wild old wise counsel in our bones, our wombs, our heart, our liver.

It can be a month long writers retreat to finish that book of yours. It can be a week to immerse yourself in nature and focus on doing absolutely nothing.
You can choose silence and solitude, or you can choose me as a support to work on your creative blocks in flow. This can be a one-off session or a more regular daily series of intentional Soul saturation.

Talk to me about your needs and means and let’s see where we can meet.

Schedule a complimentary Skype/Google hangout call.

This work arose solely through my being – my ruthless self-initiation and willingness to look deeply into the mystery of the Self, but it’s not unique to me, it’s the universal principle of constant change, of nothingness turning into something and back – the breath of the Universe we are all part of. My role is simply to shine the light for others to discover themselves as being this Principle. I am the guide into the land where no guides are needed. It’s really about coming home, where you know it, where you are safe in the embrace of your ultimate Self. What you will recover here is the most valuable knowing that you can carry with you wherever you go and just live your life. To live it to the fullest as your Soul has intended.

The practice is very simple, as life itself. There are no predetermined steps. There is only what is. We will acknowledge it, so it can be let go off and something new and unexpected can emerge in the created space – from the void which is underpinning everything.
I will welcome and hold space for what is unfolding as you remember how to rest and relax in the purity of your own being.
Relaxation of the mind and body is the bottom-line of what is truly healing as it allows us to fully connect with our innate wisdom and through the body realise what wants to be embraced to become whole. Everything we need is already here, it’s just that we cannot access it in our contracted state, where we resist the flow of life through us. Once we experience that there’s nothing we need to guard ourselves from, that everything we fear are but aspects of ourselves that we ourselves have condemned, then we can rejoice in the flow of life and once again become a seamless part of it. To live in an ecstatic effortless state of bliss where, as the cycles of nature Herself, we go in just to come out again, and expand just to fold back in. We become a human embodiment of the breath of cosmos where nothing makes love to everything – indefinitely, and that is all.

This is cutting edge new direction for humanity, and at the same time, prehistoric wisdom that hasn’t been preserved but had to be freshly remembered from within to suit our modern times.

So my vision is to create such a healing container, filled with touch and care and good nutrition, where we can really tune into the energies of our inner worlds and practice intimate connection with ourSelf and another on the most authentic level.
A home of nourishment for the senses, for the body, and for Soul.
A profound and deep womb space, where we can tune into the silent voice of true Self in the dark of the Soul supported by the safety of an intentionally held container of sacred purpose.
The focus is on healing work and embodiment through connection with our creative essence.

My support and involvement in your process might be as light or as heavy/intense as needed. Priority is given to self-lead self-initiation and the idea is that you will have support at hand when needed so that you can move ever deeper into the process and integrate its lessons faster and more gracefully with the support of an open heart.

I invite you to connect via Skype/Google Hangout for a conversation where we can explore our intentions and expectations and see whether you and my sanctuary are a good fit.


Zahra Centre South-West Bohemia – mini retreat centre; personalized retreats for individuals

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