I’m working according to a long-term plan to eradicate mass violence/wars and poverty. I do this by supporting people to heal themselves and recover their innate power and authority, so that they can make an authentic living and contribute to the whole, independent of destructive and unsustainable systems.
Unlike many others, my focus is always on the underlying principles behind everything, which makes this work very deep yet natural, individual yet universal. Within this, some of the areas that I’m most interested in is healing our sexuality, creative self-expression, self-actualization and psycho-spiritual crisis.

My background in homeopathy and healing, but foremostly spontaneous self-initiatory experiences of a mystical/shamanic nature combined with a life-long exploration of human consciousness in relation to sexuality has provided me with deep insight and the heart opening necessary for guiding others on their journey to soulful sovereignty and ultimately fulfillment and peace.
The determining factor, which required lots of integration and essentially enabled me (the courage) to pioneer this new way of being, was the remembrance of times where the structure of human consciousness was defined by the law of nature as opposed to human constructs as we know them from the documented parts of history.

My path has involved the lack of initial resources in combination with severely compromised health, and a heavily abusive family dynamic, further reinforcing social anxiety, Asperger’s and extreme levels of introversion, rendering me leading a truly solitary lifestyle for huge periods of time, which allowed for deep exploration of the inner world and enough detachment from humanity to enable me to heal the rifts inflicted and inherited over lifetimes, and finally embracing it as a wholly part of myself.
As I’ve later realized, this ‘Holy Loneliness’ was intended to slowly catalyze the condensation and distillation to the core of my being, so that I can create life from within my very center.

Nonetheless, I have had a varied experience of life, oftentimes on the extreme side, allowing me to deeply understand all the possible aspects of my clients and what ails them. Having found my way to overcome numerous apparently insurmountable obstacles I’m apt to offer guidance on how to do this to others.

The advantage I offer is a larger overview of one’s Soul journey. Being able to see the ‘big picture’ and connecting with something deeper is what provides detachment and clarity to see one through the most challenging of situations.

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