Facepalm…they got it all wrong!

Actually, it's Mind, Consciousness and Thought...
Actually, it’s Mind, Consciousness and Thought…

There’s God, then there’s individuated consciousness aka Soul, and there’s Thought (not really three different things, but for the sake of comprehension and our liking of trinities..). The Soul is really a gap – a vortex – between the universal Mind and individual thought. It kinda has one foot in each ‘realm’, and is gravitating toward the Absolute. This is felt more and more the older the Soul becomes. The pull is between the separating desires aka individual self-obsesed thought commonly known as ego, and the desire to return, align and later merge with All That Is.
When you no longer identify with your individual thoughts, you live from the Soul. Simple as that (and for the most part intermittent).
Now the body, is less separate from all this than thousands of years of throwing dirt at it would like us to believe. It actually IS the Soul, the unconscious if you wish, and a direct gateway to God….if only we don’t let our insistence on linear, repetitive, personal thinking mess with our connection to it…
The most reliable remedy I have found for this predicament is being met/held in a safe space, which leads to relaxation, which in turn allows our body to de-contract and our Soul to unwind from deep within it. Whatever helps to remind us that we don’t have to fear, that we are being looked after by the great universe, even if just for a moment, opens up the door and bit by bit brings us back to our divine essence.
When we know that we *are* All That Is, then there’s no space left for conflict. And it’s oh-so-simple – just allowing some space, letting go of control, and finding oneself in a gap, the gap where nothing and everything meets as you in this moment.

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