Please HELP!

The pooch needs saving! There has been talk of putting him down…

Ever since I took him into foster care, which quite likely saved his life as his condition and short hair wouldn’t allow him to survive outdoors, we’ve been dealing with constant health problems most of which I believe were due to a recent neutering procedure. A dog of his age with compromised kidney function should not have undergone anesthesia and intervention into the genito-urinary and hormonal system.

With my background in holistic medicine I was clued in on the cause and on how to proceed, but unfortunately the organization I’m fostering for and their vets have their own ideas on what is necessary and what is too ‘alternative’.

I was able to secure lots of free help and advice. We have a good homeopath experienced in treating dogs, but the most important part – good nutrition won’t be paid for. Both me, our homeopath and several other people, including vets I spoke to believe that a species appropriate balanced diet would make a big difference in his overall state and enable his organism to heal.

All this has been very stressful for me as I had to carefully negotiate with the organization and explain to them why a holistic approach would work better while I was trying to avoid western treatments that had the very real potential to cause more harm.

To give you an idea, we are dealing with a neurological disorder, possibly due to lots of past trauma, which presents itself with tremors and jerks of his body and it appears he is in pain too when this occurs. Second, there is a chronic kidney condition for which he needs a special diet, and now it appears he has compromised sphincter function likely due to the drop in testosterone levels after the neuter.

So what happened is he had an accident in bed which made the volunteer from the organization say ‘right, that’s enough, he should be put back into the kennel’. This is a sure death for a loving dog like him who has been abandoned at least three times before (that we know of), and possible euthanasia.

This I would never agree to because I love him like my own child, but unfortunately, I am not in a position to adopt him and give him all the treatment he needs. But, I might not have another choice since I can barely take care of my most basic needs at the moment. I am on social welfare currently and putting forward a claim for disability as my own health took a dive recently due to much stress.

There are things that would help. Fixing the fence so that he could go on potty breaks whenever he needs to without me having to go with him on long walks five times a day, which I simply am not capable of due to my health. Second, we need some extra money for quality food supplements. I am doing what I can but he prefers to eat poop anyway. Dogs, eh? A lot of herbs can be foraged for but there are still some supplements that need to be purchased. Third a fresh species appropriate diet which is surprisingly much cheaper than prescription kibble which does nothing more than effectively slowly kill the animal. Fourth, due to his kidney condition, we try to avoid anything toxic and this means higher expenses on natural insecticides, de-worming, mandatory vaccination detox etc.

We will need a little extra amount so that I can adopt him, or at least have more say in his treatment, knowing I can provide for him until I get back on my feet. That’s all. I can’t have him going back to the kennel knowing he will suffer terribly and eventually die there, but unfortunately, with his needs and with me not having the only say in his care, with my health being severely compromised at the moment, I am at my wits end on how to do this.

It’s an older dog and pretty much non-adoptable, not due to his fault. He’s got probably only a few years left. I want him to spend it in a loving and warm home where he’s being profoundly appreciated for the special gentle being he is, and where he gets all the care he needs. Please, let’s not allow for him to be abandoned and suffering again.

The healthy diet and holistic medical care could be achieved on about a dollar a day, so truly, every little helps.

I go out of my way to make him feel loved and contended. Right now, he’s the center of my world. Please help if you can.

Thank you so much!

(The donation button is set to Czech Koruna as that is the currency of my local bank account and we were loosing too much on conversion. To give you an idea 500 CZK is approximatelly 20 USD, and is worth about a month worth of food for the pup here in Czech republic)