The SessionsI got curious about the role of various ‘sessions’ in my life.
I used to go for a lot of them to different kinds of healers and guides but at some point it just stopped. I didn’t want to listen to any more guidance. Self-knowledge was my drug of choice and seeking healing and spiritual understanding my motivation. Finally I turned inside toward my own wisdom and became so filled with my Self, that there was no space left for more information. That was my clue to begin offering sessions and to shine the light for others. You can discover only so much of yourself through self-analysis, at some point you have to turn outwards, and meet the world – to have the proverbial tyre hit the road. That opens a whole new ‘can of worms’, and you are still growing, and letting go and learning to live as you. It also brings a constant influx of inspiration, through the work you do and people you meet. You can only dream your future forward so far, but the real magic unfolds when you get your hands dirty in action, in the actual tasks that are not just about you. That’s when you enter creation along with others, where you are just a piece of a much bigger artwork.

Recently I began feeling some unfamiliar stirring. It wasn’t a need for guidance or healing or anything of that kind, it was something I couldn’t quite put a finger on, and I wasn’t finding it anywhere. Now, after some exploration, I think the word that comes closest to it is ‘communion’.
To ‘commune’ means to meet, share and exchange on a common ground, with vulnerability and openness and creating a deep intimacy – seeing. Seeing oneself, one another, seeing into oneself. Making space for insight. Instead of chasing results I’m much more interested in what’s happening inside, and I want to facilitate a space for you to explore just that.

Because honestly, I cannot know what it is that will catalyze change in your life. I can think up plenty but if I’m really honest, the simple truth is, that I don’t know anything.
But I ‘know’ a feeling, and it’s the simplest thing in the world, without words it says: ‘Yes, this IS me. THIS is right for me. This I can trust.’ Connecting with that feeling is Communion with God on the Common ground.

Healing comes in many forms, and mostly it does come in ways that are utterly unexpected. Oftentimes through short encounters, where the catalyst of the fresh insight never learns of his impact on our life. That’s why I’m so fascinated about the idea of healing through Being and inspiring one another by walking our talk.
Sometimes it’s seeing my colleague struggling to get his message across, that gives me the courage to get out there despite of all of my doubt and fear. Sometimes, it takes just a reminder, that I’m not alone in this.
I have been becoming more and more aware that it’s not the technique or procedure, and furthermore not even the session itself that does the trick. I made experiences where just in booking or deciding to book a session with a skilled psychic, my outlook has changed and I was able to move through a creative block that has kept me stuck. It turned out, that I just needed to believe, that there is a safety net, which if everything fails and goes awry, will be able to get me back up. It was all within me – the ailment and the solution. All the while my mind had all the power to make myself miserable, and also to put me back on track.
At other times it was a crisis in self-care, and allowing myself to invest in myself was all the change needed to my return to self-love. I didn’t even make it to book the session…
So I wonder about all these times when I believed that a session or a therapist has helped me, how much of a role have I played in it? And how much healing have I as a client brought to the therapists?
It is no secret that in true service, we are getting so much more out of it. The value isn’t measured by some achievements because we cannot even begin to foresee the reach of the impact as it ripples through eternity, the value lies in simply walking the path.

That’s one of the reasons, why what I offer is a little bit different, and I am very excited to introduce the newest offering – The Mini Sessions!

“When you heal yourself, you’ve done your part in healing the planet.” It’s just our self-importance that makes us think we can “help” anyone else.
BUT… with that said, the way it seems to work is that in the PROCESS of healing ourselves (whatever that may mean), we end up bringing “healing” to others in ways we cannot do if/when we set out intending to do it directly.” -Carlos Castaneda

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One comment on “COMMUNION

  1. Goddess In Anna

    23.4.2015 at 10:43 Reply

    Then there’s the question of timing which I forgot to address here, so it will be a topic for another post. I find it fascinating how everything unfolds so perfectly without me having to plan anything. It truly is pure perfection when I surrender to the divine cycles.

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