SOULSPEAK – A Map for the Journey Home through Exile

Empowering Poetry for reclamation of the Self in Six Acts

The Soul feeds on poetry. Poetry naturally opens the door of the Soul to flood in. It’s the language towards which the rational guard of mind has no defenses. The Soul is our inherent wholeness underneath the mind chatter. Prose won’t quite get you there. You need a vehicle that is able to flow deeper. The words of poetry, like music or dance, can carry us to the land of the sacred Soul. And that is why this collection is the exact tool that will take you in, and guide you through that mystical realm.
Following our own truth isn’t something that can be taught. It’s only on hearing the sound of the Soul song of another, that will remind us of our own voice that is here to guide us. This is why I let my Soul speak.

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(Including part II. – Homecoming)


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