From fern I want to learn

From the depth of my heart I invite you, among a selected few, to enjoy this Piece of Peace.

I had a tad dramatic year ending as is already the tradition for me, and the beginning of the New year announced itself with a deep call for grounding and solitude as the first line of this poem came through. That evening I decided to borrow my uncle’s cabin, and in the morning I took off for a winters fairy tale, where there was nobody but Nature and Me. I have continued writing the poem for three days and three nights as it documented through spaced poetic lines the unfolding process of me connecting deeper with what’s to come in the year ahead.

I have realized that a new era for my creative expression has begun, as I’m finishing the preparations for my first book of poetry and started writing a new one with a distinctly more embodied feel to it.

If I could, I would first anoint your wrists with nutmeg oil, put myrrh and frankincense – that have accompanied me throughout my stay – on the burner, bring some spruce branches in, light a candle, and make you a cup of ginger tea. Then I would have you read the poem, by yourself, for an experience of the gifts I receive when I read it back to myself.

May your heart tune into the rhythm of your purest essence that it has forever longed to beat to. May this moment be a private faerie therapy for your Soul. And forever more, may your life be whole in it’s expression of divine beauty.

I love you, pilgrim.


Now slow down, and take this medicine in…
Grounding My Soul


I want to cave in

I want to put down roots

and spread my wings

I want to go places where trees aren’t mutilated by the hands of men

I want to creep and crawl through mossy forest under-growths at twilight

I want to wear a crown of pine needles and leaves

I want to learn how to unfurl from ferns

I want to inhale the fertile compost of things long shed

Now that I fill my days with carrying water, chopping wood

Meditation is just happening

as I look into the fire and give gratitude to the wood long dead

Here I know how to unwind

When all that surrounds me is silence that’s always in motion

And so I as well am remembering

Where the home to my heart is

Where water has to be carried

wood gathered

gratitude comes naturally

to the divine cycles

my body remembering that it’s also part of these cycles

everything within and without forever in motion

and my mind so still

animals rustling through dried leaves

remind me that I also am an animal

and forever free

The freezing cold

the blazing heat

teach me that I also am a part of this

and that I can be okay in the middle of everything

when I just stay in motion and free and still

The Water turns into a life giving elixir as I put it to my lips

Trees become nourishment for my heart as fire turns them into ashes

The heat becomes medicine for my spine and muscles

Everything eagerly rekindling my sense of being alive

Here I remember that the All offers itself

to be my sustenance

which I so thankfully receive

I eat slow and simple, and remember how to breathe

My joints soften, my movement is supple

Time stops as I stop the clocks and tune into a more natural rhythm, the one that I was born to breathe to

My hearts pulse slows down as does everything

Here I forget how to be afraid of the dark

The night becomes my friend

and so is the dawn

As my eyes adjust to a new way of seeing

where my breath and heart

are eternally connected to everything

My hair and skin merged with the scent of smoke and resin

the woodland surrounding is my kin

Effortlessly I align with the divine timing

Here I remember the beauty that knows no mirrors

my complexion glows from deeper within

Here I can trust that my true sustenance will never dry up

I’m settling down and deeper still

All my ears are filled with

is Silence in between

and behind the firewood crackling

My heart is being emptied so that it may be filled

The song which it will sing

Is the Rhapsody of the Whole Universe

Here I remember the solitude and togetherness of all things

and mine

The fullness of this moment resonates in my satiated soul

Here I have found my forever home

Gentle intelligence calling me deep into the body saying: Rest my dear –

there is nobody else here…

Rest in the delicious Nest of Your Being

Everything here reminds me that I am Life

the shivering sound of falling snow

and the silence in which it falls

a squirrel grazing upon cones

dogs barking in a distant village

a herd of doe quietly crossing the field

wild swine gracefully skipping through tall reed

everything inviting me to join this dance

everything inviting me to ground myself

to move deeper within

my eyes gain an unusual shine

my heart beats slow and steady.

From Fern I want to learn


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